If you ever talk to me about candles, chances are you would regret bringing up that topic. I can literally talk for hours about the specifications, combinations and blends required for a perfect candle as I am really particular about these little luxuries. I NEVER used to light my candles a few years back  as I just liked them sitting on my side tables, looking pretty and all but then one day I treated myself to a 'burning candle' and there was no turning back.

Go on, judge me when I say that a burning candle always felt directly proportional to my hard earned money being burnt in a glass pot. Don't get me wrong but I acted very greedy around my candles and hence, it was always very important for me to have candles around the house that lasted for hours AND made the place smell fresh. I didn't enjoy seeing my bucks catching wings and flying in smoke ruthlessly while all I could smell was- nothing.

Last week I did a post on CHRISTY, luxurious home interiors featuring a stunning cushion from their range here and I am so happy that many of you loved it. Really appreciate the kind tweets.

So as I was saying that I am very particular about my candles and with the arrival of the new season I knew I would be burning a lot of them.Yes lovelies, as you know its autumn already and the chill outside needs to be cured with some chunky candles for sure. In my generous CHRISTY post, I also received a heavy duty Christy Candle Fragrance No 2. Since I chose a spicy blend I was waiting for the weather to cool down a bit to enjoy the fragrance at its best.




As mentioned on their website

This candles features a rich blend of oriental spices layered with cedar and jasmine freshened with notes of citrus, all resting on a warming base of amber. 

Size Burn Time (approx.)
200g 55hrs +/-6hrs
480g  90hrs +/-9hrs

What a gorgeous blend of spices to warm upcoming colder months.

 Lets talk a bit about the scents and spices used in this candle. The base note Amber is regarded as a highly exotic and extremely valuable find in the field of aromatherapy. With a history of over 50 million years, amber is known to have positive calming effects on a human brain as well as body. 

The warm base note of the candle is beautifully blended with woody aroma of cedar. Just like a freshly cut tree, Cedar brings out nostalgic signs that the festive season is on its way. If you can picture those early mornings when your father used to come all dressed and shaved ready for office, gave you a big bear hug that he is best at, placed a gentle kiss on mums cheek,  closed the door so hard that it shook the wall ( its a dads thing you know) and left but there was a fresh scent of his aftershave that lingered in the air- that is what happens when you light this candle. 

Now you must be thinking that it might be a very strong fragrance but  I still haven't mentioned a third key ingredient that balances it all out EVER so smoothly. The whole spicy alliance is kept under check with the addition of the calmness of Jasmine. Its one of my favourite flowers with a euphoric smell. Lets imagine once more, go on close your eyes for a moment and picture walking at night and your nose starts to pick a very distinctively sweet fragrance in the air and you say, ' I think there are flowers some where near here' and you start to look for them if you are like me. These are the notes of Jasmine just filling your senses with a subtle and enchanting aroma. The blend of Jasmine in aromatherapy is known to control emotions and put a lid on your chaotic mind. 

While working on my laptop, an unexpected trace of fragrance makes me lift my head- it feels good. Its my 2 wick candle burning in the corner. Clean and absorbing.

As the leaves change hues in Autumn there is a rich array of colors exploding in every corner. There might be chill in the air but there is a downy warmth on faces all around us. Couples, young and old,  are seen strolling in the park hand in hand, rosy cheeked kids jumping in the piles of dry leaves, new winter coats on display, shopping for a much needed pair of warm boots for the whole family- its a season to bring the love that nature is displaying outside, indoors. You would surely love this candle
as it stirs all those memories.


Now that you have chosen a candle which you think would form a harmonious combination of the beauty outside with your cozy interiors, I would suggest a few tips I have learned over time to take care of these treats. I told you I am a greedy candle lover.
  • Firstly, try and choose a candle with a regular shape preferably a cylinder or sphere. These burn more evenly and waste less wax.
  • For a slow yet steady burn , refrigerate the candle for at least one hour prior to lighting. This makes the wax dense and the candle takes longer to dissolve while burning.
  • As you know some times, candles form a memory ring which is a dry hard wax that sticks to the side of the jar if the candle is not burnt properly & the candle starts tunneling spoiling the whole experience and wasting all the money. To avoid that, let the candle burn till all the top layer of the wax has been dissolved. 
  • Keep the lid firmly placed when the candle is not in use to make the fragrance last long.
  • Keep your wick trimmed to 1/8'' inch all the time. This makes sure that the flame burns large and hot enough to melt the wax around it. If the wick is not trimmed, you might end up with dirty pieces of burnt wick landing in the wax pool. yuck!

Hope you enjoyed discovering the fusion of various spices and scents that make this candle so well worth the money and are as excited for the upcoming season as I am.

You can buy it from Christy's website. This candle comes in two size so yep, go on. Treat yourself. Its PAY DAY of course.



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  2. This candle sounds great! Even the description made me feel relaxed! Thanks for the tips too, I didn't know there were so many ways to get the most out of your candles!