Makeup costs a lot and maybe you will never find that shade again, but then all good things must come to an end and the same applies to our favourite cosmetics. I know, its hard to part with your perfect shade of foundation (trust me, I know this one), when you can still see contents in its bottle BUT the product has reached an expiry date. Honestly, I never thought much about checking out the expiry of my makeup products before but recently, whilst cleaning my make up stash, I made an eye opening discovery that convinced me that expiry dates matter! 

Firstly, how do you find an expiry date? Many companies mention these expiry dates on the containers or packaging by using a symbol of
an opened tub which generally has a number followed by M (Month) or Y (Year) on it. This signifies the number of months/years it is safe to use the product after it has been opened.

I am quite greedy when it comes to makeup and specially foundations as it literally is the hardest task for me to pick the right shade of foundation - yes, even harder than raising three vikings! Therefore, once I find the right shade, I become ravenous and buy two bottles just in case I don't get the same shade again. The extra bottle usually gets thrown in the back of my makeup drawer as the time passes. Madam is totally oblivious to expiry dates, you see.

So as I was saying that recently I cleaned my beauty stash and found a tiny tub of foundation, most likely an old sample. Upon opening the lid, I made a yucky discovery. The foundation had tiny growth and bubble (weird mixture of both) on it. Now, I am no makeup expert but the mega amount of time invested in reading and gaining all the beauty jazz from those posh magazines, has me well taught that my foundation had become a soccer field for some gross bacteria.

What worried me the most was this theory always preached,  'If your cosmetics smell bad or have changed colour, throw them out'.

Well, (hope you are still reading) do you see what happened here?

The foundation did NOT smell bad AND/OR did NOT change colour either, but surely it had reached its expiry date resulting in the contamination. Now, if this foundation was still in a pump dispenser, there is no way I would have found out what was happening (or growing shall I say) inside!

*Worry and guilt over came me*

Have I really been using many of my products way past their expiry date?
Oh, yes!

Is my carelessness and greed taking its toll on the skin ?

While many of us may argue that expiry dates mentioned on the jars are a marketing gimmick to make us spend more money, have you ever thought about giving this date a second thought?
I was wondering, do you use your products within the time frame mentioned OR are you one of those shocking 82% of women who use their make up way past its best before date?  I have no clue how old some of my makeup products ACTUALLY are! They look and work absolutely fine. The pictures above are a proof that contamination happens and sometimes without any change in colour or smell. Then why am I still finding it hard to let go of products that might have aged but still have life in them? Greed; I tell you, is a bad, bad thing. This brings me to another very valid point, am I in a position then to blame beauty cream companies that their product isn't/wasn't effective as I might be spending mega bucks on it but at the same time, I am using contaminated products on my face as well? 

After seeing what happened to my foundation above has me thinking that it may be costly to throw out expired makeup, especially if they are designer brands, these expiry dates are put in place for a reason; aren't they? Then, why do we over look them? I have been doing just that-sadly.

*Whispers in your ear* 
''Are you really, really willing to throw your £18.50 Benefit push up liner as the expiry date for a mascara is mere 4 months?''

  • Do you believe the date mentioned?
  •  Are you an expiry date monitor? 
  • You like living in the grey zone and follow your senses and not the numbers?  

Trust me, I am so confused dot com today.



Hello readers.

Switch on the fairy lights and pull your warm socks a little higher as I am going to share a few of my favourite treats with you. I know, blame the changing seasons for all these shiny additions to my collection. Instead, wait a minute and put the blame on all the lovely bloggers out there who are a major reason behind this lifestyle of living on a shoe string budget most of the times. They sure have an eye for beauty and uniqueness!


It's one of the most stunning shades of red that I own - A Tory Burch number and a must have multifunctional accessory if you ask me. The gold details make it totally eye catching and have made many of my friends swoon shamelessly over it. I love to carry it as a phone case or as a colour breaker in my outfits like a clutch on its own. You can check out the TORY BURCH collection on their website.


Honestly, this watch has been haunting my fantasies for as long as I can remember. There is something about MK watches that makes you fall in love with them over and over again. For me, it is the way their mega sized dials sit on the wrist. I don't know about you, but I find great satisfaction in owning something I truly love. Materialistic? I would rather not think of myself as one but yes, I do believe in gracing my closet with the things I love budget permitting, that is. This MK watch with its tortoise shell style bracelet would gracefully satisfy the wannabe fashionista inside me.You can buy Michael Kors watches from NIGEL O' HARA.


Scrub, buff and polish your way to super smooth skin!
  Autumn gives me a perfect excuse to be extra caring towards my face hence a little hand made soap treat finds its way to my skin care. Trust me, its like an emotional fulfillment and I can always justify my soap addiction in one way or the other but fact of the matter is, these gorgeous bars charge me for the day ahead and promise me a great start. Just one more sniff, and I'd be gone...


I promise I wasn't going to buy it but my friend harassed me to get one after she saw my poor phone scratched and all. It seems like I have been using my phone like a shield in a battle if you see the dents on it. I spotted this MK cover in my local TK Max. The events that happened afterwards are a bit hazy in my memory but when I see my phone shinning its mega watt sheen under the sun, I gather my friend won - eventually.

There you go lovelies, I am off to watch a few more videos on youtube. You have a merry weekend!



Your purse will thank you for this purchase, I can assure you already. 

I have a love-hate relationship with LUSH. Sometimes, I just can't justify the hefty price tags that come with products and on other occasions, I just get completely bowled over by their fabulous creams and masks. This relationship would always stay in a limbo till I get REALLY rich or lovely LUSH folks get REALLY generous. Let's see... 

 One of my weakness is their fabulous shower gel range. It is like a treat for myself after a tough month. However, the price tag leaves a big dent in my purse,i.e., £8.50 for a 250gm of shower gel. Ouch. 

If like me, you are looking for budget friendly shower gels and creams then a trip to your local ASDA is what you need. I saw these shower gels called DOLLY'S MIXTURES in a rainbow of colours and felt instantly drawn towards them. The range of the flavours is wonderful and a treat for those who enjoy a nice soak or a hot scrub. I chose Dolly's Mixtures Vanilla Cupcake Butter Me Up Shower Gel (300ml) and Dolly's Mixtures Strawberry Daiquiri Shake It Up Shower Gel (300ml)  to start my collection. Many a times, I have bought shower gels which smell amazing but some how leave my skin dry and heavy as if the soap is still clinging to it but I was super impressed to find out that my skin actually felt nicely hydrated and there was a nice lingering fragrance of the gel even after the shower. The shower gels lather up luxuriously like any other high end brand. Even Captain Planet liked the soft fragrance and it is that person who often misses if I have dyed my hair from black to hot pink! 

I can't wait to stock up on more colourful bottles from DOLLY's MIXTURE already. I would surely recommend die hard LUSH lovers to give this range a go and discover these fabulous treats.




If you ever talk to me about candles, chances are you would regret bringing up that topic. I can literally talk for hours about the specifications, combinations and blends required for a perfect candle as I am really particular about these little luxuries. I NEVER used to light my candles a few years back  as I just liked them sitting on my side tables, looking pretty and all but then one day I treated myself to a 'burning candle' and there was no turning back.

Go on, judge me when I say that a burning candle always felt directly proportional to my hard earned money being burnt in a glass pot. Don't get me wrong but I acted very greedy around my candles and hence, it was always very important for me to have candles around the house that lasted for hours AND made the place smell fresh. I didn't enjoy seeing my bucks catching wings and flying in smoke ruthlessly while all I could smell was- nothing.

Last week I did a post on CHRISTY, luxurious home interiors featuring a stunning cushion from their range here and I am so happy that many of you loved it. Really appreciate the kind tweets.

So as I was saying that I am very particular about my candles and with the arrival of the new season I knew I would be burning a lot of them.Yes lovelies, as you know its autumn already and the chill outside needs to be cured with some chunky candles for sure. In my generous CHRISTY post, I also received a heavy duty Christy Candle Fragrance No 2. Since I chose a spicy blend I was waiting for the weather to cool down a bit to enjoy the fragrance at its best.




As mentioned on their website

This candles features a rich blend of oriental spices layered with cedar and jasmine freshened with notes of citrus, all resting on a warming base of amber. 

Size Burn Time (approx.)
200g 55hrs +/-6hrs
480g  90hrs +/-9hrs

What a gorgeous blend of spices to warm upcoming colder months.

 Lets talk a bit about the scents and spices used in this candle. The base note Amber is regarded as a highly exotic and extremely valuable find in the field of aromatherapy. With a history of over 50 million years, amber is known to have positive calming effects on a human brain as well as body. 

The warm base note of the candle is beautifully blended with woody aroma of cedar. Just like a freshly cut tree, Cedar brings out nostalgic signs that the festive season is on its way. If you can picture those early mornings when your father used to come all dressed and shaved ready for office, gave you a big bear hug that he is best at, placed a gentle kiss on mums cheek,  closed the door so hard that it shook the wall ( its a dads thing you know) and left but there was a fresh scent of his aftershave that lingered in the air- that is what happens when you light this candle. 

Now you must be thinking that it might be a very strong fragrance but  I still haven't mentioned a third key ingredient that balances it all out EVER so smoothly. The whole spicy alliance is kept under check with the addition of the calmness of Jasmine. Its one of my favourite flowers with a euphoric smell. Lets imagine once more, go on close your eyes for a moment and picture walking at night and your nose starts to pick a very distinctively sweet fragrance in the air and you say, ' I think there are flowers some where near here' and you start to look for them if you are like me. These are the notes of Jasmine just filling your senses with a subtle and enchanting aroma. The blend of Jasmine in aromatherapy is known to control emotions and put a lid on your chaotic mind. 

While working on my laptop, an unexpected trace of fragrance makes me lift my head- it feels good. Its my 2 wick candle burning in the corner. Clean and absorbing.

As the leaves change hues in Autumn there is a rich array of colors exploding in every corner. There might be chill in the air but there is a downy warmth on faces all around us. Couples, young and old,  are seen strolling in the park hand in hand, rosy cheeked kids jumping in the piles of dry leaves, new winter coats on display, shopping for a much needed pair of warm boots for the whole family- its a season to bring the love that nature is displaying outside, indoors. You would surely love this candle
as it stirs all those memories.


Now that you have chosen a candle which you think would form a harmonious combination of the beauty outside with your cozy interiors, I would suggest a few tips I have learned over time to take care of these treats. I told you I am a greedy candle lover.
  • Firstly, try and choose a candle with a regular shape preferably a cylinder or sphere. These burn more evenly and waste less wax.
  • For a slow yet steady burn , refrigerate the candle for at least one hour prior to lighting. This makes the wax dense and the candle takes longer to dissolve while burning.
  • As you know some times, candles form a memory ring which is a dry hard wax that sticks to the side of the jar if the candle is not burnt properly & the candle starts tunneling spoiling the whole experience and wasting all the money. To avoid that, let the candle burn till all the top layer of the wax has been dissolved. 
  • Keep the lid firmly placed when the candle is not in use to make the fragrance last long.
  • Keep your wick trimmed to 1/8'' inch all the time. This makes sure that the flame burns large and hot enough to melt the wax around it. If the wick is not trimmed, you might end up with dirty pieces of burnt wick landing in the wax pool. yuck!

Hope you enjoyed discovering the fusion of various spices and scents that make this candle so well worth the money and are as excited for the upcoming season as I am.

You can buy it from Christy's website. This candle comes in two size so yep, go on. Treat yourself. Its PAY DAY of course.



TWITTER: @Christy_Home  




So how many of you can guess what this product in the photo actually is, I know its not taken at the best of the angles. 

I am too tired to take my  make up off and the idea of using different products for face, lips, eyes is a MAJOR put off.   

I found this gem aka L'Oréal Micellar Water a while back. A little product is  dabbed on a cotton pad to remove a very arrogant gel liner and that sticky foundation and viola! Its a clean sweep. You know what is the winning point for me, it is even intended for lips hence meaning I don't have to reach out for a separate lipstick cleaner.

It is a 3 in 1 cleanser which cleans, tones and hydrates the skin all in one swipe. Containing tiny micelles oil molecules in its water-like formula these molecules when applied to the skin, latch onto the dirt, make-up and other impurities sitting on your skin, removing them in an effective and gentle manner.

No wonder litres of Micellar Waters are used for quick cleansing during fashion weeks all over the world as they are swift, effective and non irritant cleansers for all skin types. To be honest, when I first cleansed my face with it, I had my doubts as there was not even a tiniest amount of any fragrance in it. It is truly fragrance free just like plain water which actually does what it says on the bottle.

It does not sting or irritate the skin at all.  I have been using Clinique Clarifying Lotion for as long as I can remember but this has replaced it ever so swiftly. The biggest advantage is price of the product. I picked mine from Asda for £2.50 for a bottle of 200 mls. Can't beat that as my Clinique always leaves me with a dent of roughly £15 EVERY few months.

I prefer a deeper face cleansing session every night however, this surely gives me confidence that I am  absolutely make up and impurities free, ready for bed. If you can't take time out for longer face cleansing regime, this would surely be my recommendation. Please throw away your alcohol loaded face wipe already as this is a much kinder alternative.

In the previous post I swatched Make Up Revolutions eye shadow. I am sure if you have tried them, you must know that these eye shades are highly pigmented. After applying them on my arm for swatch, I used Loreal Micellar Water to remove and was glad to see all the make up gone with a little amount of water used.

I would say it is a must have for every dressing table.

 PRICE: £2.50



 I remember my parents home for many reasons but if I have to name one, I would say it was the feeling of fuzzy warmth about it. I know, for every child their parents home IS in every way a perfect place but in my case, I remember even when family and friends came to our house they always commented how warm it feels just to be there. Honestly, it was full of imperfections; bathroom lock used to get stuck, paint chipped off in places and don't even get me started on the number of burnt cakes we had in the house (seriously I have lost count) because the oven timer worked only when it wanted to! It was never a very posh house but surely it was a very well loved home where mum cherry picked pieces to make it as comforting as it was and as appealing as it could be. Being a woman of great taste, she always taught me to incorporate practicality with grandeur. 'Its useless to buy it if you cannot use it'. I stick to this rule now.

My house is kindred of those abstractions.

Recently, when the lovely folks at CHRISTY asked me to do a review and allowed me very generously to pick a few pieces from their website, I felt instantly drawn towards this cushion. I knew it would fit right in my home. 

Inventor of the first industrially produced looped cotton also called Terry cloth, CHRISTY is a manufacturer of house hold linens, cushions and towels with a heritage unmatchable. Her Majesty, Queen Victoria was one of their very early clients back in 1851, when the production of Terry towels began and the royal household made the order of six dozen towels for the queen. If you are wondering who provides all those lush towels during Wimbledon, you won't be surprised when I type that its the exclusive Christy folks who have this honour since 1987. Impressive!



In my opinion, a well chosen cushion becomes one of the focal points in any room and breaks monotony in the decor.

Clara Cushion is a fusion of lace with bright ochre fabric . It is a brilliant piece to bring the highlight and color to any room while the subtle lace on top keeps things elegant. It comes with a removable cover and a Cambric feather down scatter cushion insert. I love the cushion as it is multidimensional and goes with all sorts of themes. I can hear my mums approval.

The size details are as follows.

 Size 30 x 50 cm
Material Slubbed Faux Silk with a Cotton Lace Cover

The cushion comes with a back zip which makes it easy to remove the cover. I really am the kind of person who likes to give linens and covers a good wash or dry clean every few months hence it is essential for me to have a removable cover on my upholstery.


 The insert cushion completes the luxurious feel. It is based on Cambric cover and feather down filling. If you are wondering what does Cambric stand for and why is it so important then let me tell you that Cambric is high thread count cotton cover specially used in luxurious upholstery as it helps keep your filling ultra hygienic. It can be wipe cleaned and you can use your cushion over and over again. High thread count means that if you are using natural fillings, it would keep any sort of allergies at bay.


Pure Down fillings are one of the most exclusive fillings as they are generally softer, lighter and better at regulating the body’s natural temperature. No feathers or impurities ensure that the filling is very soft, light and extremely efficient at both warming and cooling.

It felt like I have secretly brought a cushion from a very posh hotel with me.

I have been playing around with the cushion all around my house, from a very contemporary living room to a very shabby chic bedroom and it has perked up both the spaces perfectly.

So that's it. A little sneak peek into my home. Hope you liked it as much as I do. Its a place of happiness and peace. I feel intact here and when my thoughts get too scattered, I seek comfort in these goods and chattels that I am collecting so lovingly.
Thank you Christy for giving my home a deluxe stir.

If you want to take a look at CHRISTY's website, I am leaving you all the links. Happy home making.

TWITTER:  @Christy_Home   

Thank you for reading. 



I remember walking through the souqs (markets) in Middle East and often spotting granules of Frankincense being sold for therapeutic purposes. My travel guide told me that Frankincense raisin is great for aromatherapy and is widely used in skin care as it has natural healing properties.  
Many people burn it in their houses as an incense for its calming effect & to lift away any negativity from the mood. I liked the sound of that but couldn't buy the little nuggets as I wasn't sure how to use it properly.

A few months later, I spotted Neal's Yard Rejuvenating Frankincense range and with high hopes, a cleanser was purchased. I was already aware of the benefits but the concern was that how would my skin react as sometimes organic products, no matter how exclusive are they, have a tendency of making your skin act in a funny way.

After a good few months of purchase, I can safely report  that Neal's Yard Cleanser has surely become my all time favourite product and I am constantly recommending it to people specially with sensitive skin. Currently, I am using my second tube. It is just like Liz Earle face polish and comes with a free organic muslin cloth to make cleansing easy and effective.

It is a two step cleansing cream which feels quite rich in consistency. Frankincense range from Neals Yard is well known for its age defying properties and if you are a fan of herbal organic fragrances, you won't be disappointed with this one.

According to their website the cream is,

'Enriched with firming and toning frankincense, antioxidant essential fatty acid-rich organic baobab and intensely moisturising organic cocoa butter.'

Luckily, its firming and toning properties make the cleanser ideal for those like me who are concerned about early signs of aging.

Simply rub it all over your face ( with or without make up) and gently massage it avoiding the eyes. Use the muslin cloth dipped in warm water and gently use it in circular motion to remove the cream. Repeat the process if you fancy a thorough cleanse.

Make sure you splash your face with cold water to close any pores.

I am an absolute fan of muslin cloth as I truly believe that a towel can never clean and remove dirt as thoroughly as done by a muslin cloth. If you are using skin polish or cleansing balms to reveal better skin, they simply super charge the whole process.

 It leaves the skin hydrated thanks to the lush addition of cocoa butter. In my eyes, it is a strong contender when it comes to face polishes considering the product does what it says on the tube.
I cannot wait to add more of this range in my skin care routine. 

Are you a fan of Neals Yard? 



  • With the arrival of new season, I made a new skin regime. The aim was to keep it short and simple with minimum steps leading to a glowing skin. I realised that I was somehow spending more on buying COVER UP products instead of taking care of my skin DEEP WITH IN. It all lead to a very frustrated me in front of the mirror, covered up in foundation but never happy with the results. I made a few promises to myself , followed them strictly and saw a noticeable change in my skin. So today I thought I should share what has been going on in my skin department and did those promises prove worth keeping?

                                                PROMISE NO 1

NEVER, never, never to go to sleep with make up on. Now, I am one of those souls who can't sleep with anything on their face luckily but yes, there have been days when I played lazy and skipped proper cleansing. Pass me the highlighter please as I want to be seriously particular about this one. For those like me who prefer shortcuts when it comes to skin care for lazy days, I can safely mention COR silver soap for a multifunctional cleaning system. It pretty much does everything however, it should not replace your detailed facial skincare routine.

                                                PROMISE NO 2

THINK NECK ! Yes ladies, I do forget that it is also a part of my body and needs proper hydration. I am guilty of skipping my décolletage
 and neck without realising that these are particularly prominent and vulnerable to the signs of aging. So dear neck, cheer up eh!


                                                   PROMISE NO 3 

BE CONSISTENT when it comes to skin care. When I started the whole new skincare series, my 'note to self' was,'dramatic results do not appear in a matter of days'. It is a gradual process and needs time. No matter how expensive my cream is, if I am not applying it to a properly cleansed faced for n number of days, I am basically throwing my money down the drain. Join the club if you are like me and promise yourself that you are going to stick to your choice of skin regime.

                                                    PROMISE NO 4

WATER is skin's best friend and who does not know that but are you actually taking enough water on daily basis? This was a serious one for me. My water intake has always been low and the haggard skin is a clear proof of my laziness. Plan was to keep a small water bottle handy and make conscious effort to drink at least two bottles a day. This made a major improvement in my skin and made my eyes look brighter. I intend to increase my intake with time but for starters, two bottles a day is all it takes!

                                                     PROMISE NO 5

FOREIGN AID. How many of us take multivitamins? I don't. Problem was, they always left me with a heavy and sometimes funny feeling in my stomach. As a result, I stopped taking them after a few doses. This time around however, I stayed committed, did a detailed research and chose Selexir as my much needed foreign help. I took one dose a day in between meals and can gladly report that they proved to be worth every penny. Its a matter of personal choice when it comes to skin supplements. If you are ready to take them, there is a whole range of brands and companies to choose from. For me, it was a shot worth taking.


                                                   PROMISE NO 6

LAUGH OUT LOUD. It was easiest and at times hardest of the above mentioned promises. Come to peace with yourself and remember ACNE or NO ACNE, it should NOT be the only ticket to happiness. Furthermore, you can not always be right, you can not always be in control and you can not always make things go your way. Deal with it! Think happy thoughts.


I did myself a big favour and tried to laugh really hard on silly situations. We must not let a pimple spoil a good night out with friends. I can not emphasise this point enough that laughter and positivity are indeed natures best beautifiers.
Oh c'mon, gooooooooooooo grab a friend, watch a movie, be silly and notice the big change in your skin and feel the positivity envelop your whole being.

There you go ladies, my skin saw a change just by taking few basic steps that made my faith stronger that healthy skin really comes from deep with in. Be your own skin whisperer as no one knows it better than you do!

Do you agree with me? I really want to know pals.



I am a total nut case when it comes to brushes. The joy of opening and using a fresh one THAT very first time is just beyond words. So recently, I repurchased the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Now don't roll your eyes already, I am not going to review it as I think there are enough of them available online. Its just hard not to praise it in a post of its own.

Its a joy to use every time. Just look at the precision of the HAND CUT bristles! While many people say they don't like the thick handle, I found myself actually loving the sturdy feel about it. My skin has a mind of its own, hence I have a variety of colors on my face and a medium to high coverage is much needed. I enjoyed building up my foundation according to the make up look that I was creating without it being heavy. That was a true winner for me.

Since the bristles are small and compact, you do need a little extra time to create a flawless look. If you use liquid foundations like me and HATE ( totally) the boring flat brushes, I would highly recommend this one. However, I do use the same ol' method of putting a few drops on the back of my hand and then using the brush to lift the foundation instead of dropping it straight onto the brush itself. Once the foundation is all in place, I use a thick beauty blender to even it all out.

Last night was spent watching 'How To' make up videos on YouTube and falling in love with this brush all over again. There are so many talented ladies out there who make it look so easy and here I am, still trying to master the art of winged liner. I must tell you, by the time I learn to balance out the wings of my liner, the make up trend would have changed.

Till then ... muah!



For me, jewellery is an outlet of expression. It not only speaks a silent language of your individuality but also has a deep commemorative meaning. I remember drooling over my mothers jewellery collection when I was little. It was always simple and elegant.

 As I grew up, she gave me a little box of accessories; a small collection of expensive and then, not so expensive pieces. It felt like I had struck gold, not because of its price tag but for those memories that came along. How I used to see my mother carefully matching her pearl earrings to her whites while going to parties or asking my dad to tie the necklace around her neck for an occasion. It was beautiful.

Time passed. I discovered new trends and styles. My accessories express freedom; untamed raw stones buffed but not perfected. They may not convey a particular style but to me they add a meaning to my daily wear.

I want to go on collecting pieces that I can pass onto my next generation. They  may have a taste totally of their own but I am hoping to pass the memories along with those pieces for them to cherish. 

I would love to know your thoughts about jewellery? Oh and if you are looking for a versatile collection of accessories, you may want to check out SILVER TREE JEWELLERY to get you started. I am absolutely in love with their CHLOBO collection. It is so me!

They are currently running a SNAP YOUR STACK competition and if you are lucky, you might be able to win ChloBo’s Ultimate Stack worth £325 or £200 to spend at Silver Tree Jewellery. SQUEAL !!!!!!

Go on, #SnapYourStack  & remember, " Wear the jewels but Don't let the jewels wear YOU!"



I always keep a handy stash of pampering supplies for those long tiring days when I just want to wind down and enjoy long soaks. I prefer to keep it simple with just a few products as I would much rather have an extra 10 minutes in the bath tub than faff around in my rode with mask all over my face. What ever I choose to  use,  has to act fast and give me maximum relaxation in the time available.

A friend introduced to Ancienne Ambiance (Ancient Ambiance ) on twitter and with time I started to discover their different collections. I  got a lucky chance to enjoy their Best Home Fragrance Winner 2014, the Damask Reed Diffuser. It makes coming home after a tiring day, a treat. Don't worry I am going to write about it soon in a different post.

Recommended by the likes of Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, Ancient Ambiance is a brand creating luxurious home fragrances in the form of candles, reed diffusers and room sprays along with a fabulous variety of beauty products.

A selection of goodies was sent my way in a lush organza draw string bag containing :

Lavender Bath & Body Salts
  •  Lavender Bath and Body Salts.
  • Jasmine Soap Bar.
  • Goddess Argan Beauty Oil Spray.


In one word- luxurious.  I get instantly drawn to beauty oils as somehow, I feel they are quite result generating and tend to moisturise the skin in a profound manner. Containing Argan and Grape seed oil, this is a multi-tasker and can be used from head to toe. It is free of any harmful chemicals and quite honestly, I couldn't stop smelling my hair. I would highly recommend it to be used after shaving or waxing as it would be a great product to lock the moisture and keep the skin hydrated without clogging the pores. A little goes a long way.


I am still in the process of using the bar and so far I am fairly pleased with the results. Jasmine can be a tricky fragrance for some as it tends to get slightly over powering. For me, I find it a classy one as it reminds me how my mother's soap used to smell while I was growing up. The soap itself is made with 100% natural oil vegetable base using coconut oil. I can go on and on about the benefits of coconut oil alone and that's the very reason I believe, the skin doesn't feel tight after being washed. Pair it with Jasmine Bath Salts if you fancy or use it as guest soaps if you like.


Here's what I did. Since my salts came in a sample sized bottle I wanted to get the most out of them. The site suggests that they can be used directly to skin mixed with Olive Oil. I put the idea to test and took 1 tbsp of salt in a small bowl, added 1 tbsp oil to it and gently scrubbed my feet away concentrating on the dry ankles. Did not wash. Once I was done scrubbing, I soaked them in warm water and let the oils soothe the feet while the salts exfoliated any residue dirt or dead skin. It proved quite efficient and relieved my stressed feet and senses. Don't forget to read a magazine or two while waiting :)

It was nice spa like treatment that I gave myself over the past week. I am still in the process of using the soap and will keep you posted on how we get along. The oil is happily sitting on my bed side table and is in constant use.

Have you tried any of their products?  Share your thoughts or write to me if you want more details.

Lavender Bath & Body Salts

Lavender Bath & Body Salts

Lavender Bath & Body Salts



I am not a very major blusher person and to be honest I don't own too many of them. As the trend of a well structured face, achieved just through blushers and proper contouring started to hit the magazines, I decided to explore this territory a bit more. Almost everyone recommended Sleek blushers to start my collection and a piggy bank cropped up...

However, things got lucky and I won this ULTRAFLESH Blusher, Rose Gold Satin in a comp along with some wonderful bits run by Xana from WAKE UP FASHION . I was super excited about the blusher but since it was a brand I never knew of, there were concerns and a trial period was started.

The blusher comes with a detachable pendant which is a treat in itself. The quality of the  pendant is commendable and luckily the engraving is only on one side making it a nice addition to my accessories collection. 

With that Samurai Star mystery solved, let me tell you about the blusher. It is luxurious baked face powder in true shades of rose gold. With my complexion, I find rose gold to be the perfect hue for me to create a healthy glow.  The blusher has a nice airy texture that glides on effortlessly. I prefer medium to highly pigmented blushes and I couldn't have asked for a better formula. I love the shade and it has jazzed up my everyday look ever so effortlessly. 

 Usually, I find myself disappointed when it comes to kit brushes but this applicator is a nice keeper. Its a neat brush and I have successfully created a smooth dewy look with it . 

Just dust it lightly on your cheek bone to create a sun kissed look and build up to make it more defined.

If I could spot more make up from this brand, I would literally buy it in seconds. It is truly a classy find and I can't thank my stars for finding it just when I was looking for something EXACTLY like that.

Thank you Xana. 

You can buy the blusher from Amazon for £13.55. Product details are as follows :

Ultraflesh Samurai Star 18 Karat Gold Ultimate Blush
Size: 4.8g/0.17oz