I always keep a handy stash of pampering supplies for those long tiring days when I just want to wind down and enjoy long soaks. I prefer to keep it simple with just a few products as I would much rather have an extra 10 minutes in the bath tub than faff around in my rode with mask all over my face. What ever I choose to  use,  has to act fast and give me maximum relaxation in the time available.

A friend introduced to Ancienne Ambiance (Ancient Ambiance ) on twitter and with time I started to discover their different collections. I  got a lucky chance to enjoy their Best Home Fragrance Winner 2014, the Damask Reed Diffuser. It makes coming home after a tiring day, a treat. Don't worry I am going to write about it soon in a different post.

Recommended by the likes of Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, Ancient Ambiance is a brand creating luxurious home fragrances in the form of candles, reed diffusers and room sprays along with a fabulous variety of beauty products.

A selection of goodies was sent my way in a lush organza draw string bag containing :

Lavender Bath & Body Salts
  •  Lavender Bath and Body Salts.
  • Jasmine Soap Bar.
  • Goddess Argan Beauty Oil Spray.


In one word- luxurious.  I get instantly drawn to beauty oils as somehow, I feel they are quite result generating and tend to moisturise the skin in a profound manner. Containing Argan and Grape seed oil, this is a multi-tasker and can be used from head to toe. It is free of any harmful chemicals and quite honestly, I couldn't stop smelling my hair. I would highly recommend it to be used after shaving or waxing as it would be a great product to lock the moisture and keep the skin hydrated without clogging the pores. A little goes a long way.


I am still in the process of using the bar and so far I am fairly pleased with the results. Jasmine can be a tricky fragrance for some as it tends to get slightly over powering. For me, I find it a classy one as it reminds me how my mother's soap used to smell while I was growing up. The soap itself is made with 100% natural oil vegetable base using coconut oil. I can go on and on about the benefits of coconut oil alone and that's the very reason I believe, the skin doesn't feel tight after being washed. Pair it with Jasmine Bath Salts if you fancy or use it as guest soaps if you like.


Here's what I did. Since my salts came in a sample sized bottle I wanted to get the most out of them. The site suggests that they can be used directly to skin mixed with Olive Oil. I put the idea to test and took 1 tbsp of salt in a small bowl, added 1 tbsp oil to it and gently scrubbed my feet away concentrating on the dry ankles. Did not wash. Once I was done scrubbing, I soaked them in warm water and let the oils soothe the feet while the salts exfoliated any residue dirt or dead skin. It proved quite efficient and relieved my stressed feet and senses. Don't forget to read a magazine or two while waiting :)

It was nice spa like treatment that I gave myself over the past week. I am still in the process of using the soap and will keep you posted on how we get along. The oil is happily sitting on my bed side table and is in constant use.

Have you tried any of their products?  Share your thoughts or write to me if you want more details.

Lavender Bath & Body Salts

Lavender Bath & Body Salts

Lavender Bath & Body Salts


  1. I haven't been lucky enough to try any of their goodies yet but they are on my to try list. I love your product photos they are fab! x

    1. Thanks lovely. I am absolutely loving the Goddess oil. Its great x Thank u for dropping by.

  2. gorgeous photos! I love all the products especially their reed diffusers!