I remember my parents home for many reasons but if I have to name one, I would say it was the feeling of fuzzy warmth about it. I know, for every child their parents home IS in every way a perfect place but in my case, I remember even when family and friends came to our house they always commented how warm it feels just to be there. Honestly, it was full of imperfections; bathroom lock used to get stuck, paint chipped off in places and don't even get me started on the number of burnt cakes we had in the house (seriously I have lost count) because the oven timer worked only when it wanted to! It was never a very posh house but surely it was a very well loved home where mum cherry picked pieces to make it as comforting as it was and as appealing as it could be. Being a woman of great taste, she always taught me to incorporate practicality with grandeur. 'Its useless to buy it if you cannot use it'. I stick to this rule now.

My house is kindred of those abstractions.

Recently, when the lovely folks at CHRISTY asked me to do a review and allowed me very generously to pick a few pieces from their website, I felt instantly drawn towards this cushion. I knew it would fit right in my home. 

Inventor of the first industrially produced looped cotton also called Terry cloth, CHRISTY is a manufacturer of house hold linens, cushions and towels with a heritage unmatchable. Her Majesty, Queen Victoria was one of their very early clients back in 1851, when the production of Terry towels began and the royal household made the order of six dozen towels for the queen. If you are wondering who provides all those lush towels during Wimbledon, you won't be surprised when I type that its the exclusive Christy folks who have this honour since 1987. Impressive!



In my opinion, a well chosen cushion becomes one of the focal points in any room and breaks monotony in the decor.

Clara Cushion is a fusion of lace with bright ochre fabric . It is a brilliant piece to bring the highlight and color to any room while the subtle lace on top keeps things elegant. It comes with a removable cover and a Cambric feather down scatter cushion insert. I love the cushion as it is multidimensional and goes with all sorts of themes. I can hear my mums approval.

The size details are as follows.

 Size 30 x 50 cm
Material Slubbed Faux Silk with a Cotton Lace Cover

The cushion comes with a back zip which makes it easy to remove the cover. I really am the kind of person who likes to give linens and covers a good wash or dry clean every few months hence it is essential for me to have a removable cover on my upholstery.


 The insert cushion completes the luxurious feel. It is based on Cambric cover and feather down filling. If you are wondering what does Cambric stand for and why is it so important then let me tell you that Cambric is high thread count cotton cover specially used in luxurious upholstery as it helps keep your filling ultra hygienic. It can be wipe cleaned and you can use your cushion over and over again. High thread count means that if you are using natural fillings, it would keep any sort of allergies at bay.


Pure Down fillings are one of the most exclusive fillings as they are generally softer, lighter and better at regulating the body’s natural temperature. No feathers or impurities ensure that the filling is very soft, light and extremely efficient at both warming and cooling.

It felt like I have secretly brought a cushion from a very posh hotel with me.

I have been playing around with the cushion all around my house, from a very contemporary living room to a very shabby chic bedroom and it has perked up both the spaces perfectly.

So that's it. A little sneak peek into my home. Hope you liked it as much as I do. Its a place of happiness and peace. I feel intact here and when my thoughts get too scattered, I seek comfort in these goods and chattels that I am collecting so lovingly.
Thank you Christy for giving my home a deluxe stir.

If you want to take a look at CHRISTY's website, I am leaving you all the links. Happy home making.

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Thank you for reading. 

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