• With the arrival of new season, I made a new skin regime. The aim was to keep it short and simple with minimum steps leading to a glowing skin. I realised that I was somehow spending more on buying COVER UP products instead of taking care of my skin DEEP WITH IN. It all lead to a very frustrated me in front of the mirror, covered up in foundation but never happy with the results. I made a few promises to myself , followed them strictly and saw a noticeable change in my skin. So today I thought I should share what has been going on in my skin department and did those promises prove worth keeping?

                                                PROMISE NO 1

NEVER, never, never to go to sleep with make up on. Now, I am one of those souls who can't sleep with anything on their face luckily but yes, there have been days when I played lazy and skipped proper cleansing. Pass me the highlighter please as I want to be seriously particular about this one. For those like me who prefer shortcuts when it comes to skin care for lazy days, I can safely mention COR silver soap for a multifunctional cleaning system. It pretty much does everything however, it should not replace your detailed facial skincare routine.

                                                PROMISE NO 2

THINK NECK ! Yes ladies, I do forget that it is also a part of my body and needs proper hydration. I am guilty of skipping my d├ęcolletage
 and neck without realising that these are particularly prominent and vulnerable to the signs of aging. So dear neck, cheer up eh!


                                                   PROMISE NO 3 

BE CONSISTENT when it comes to skin care. When I started the whole new skincare series, my 'note to self' was,'dramatic results do not appear in a matter of days'. It is a gradual process and needs time. No matter how expensive my cream is, if I am not applying it to a properly cleansed faced for n number of days, I am basically throwing my money down the drain. Join the club if you are like me and promise yourself that you are going to stick to your choice of skin regime.

                                                    PROMISE NO 4

WATER is skin's best friend and who does not know that but are you actually taking enough water on daily basis? This was a serious one for me. My water intake has always been low and the haggard skin is a clear proof of my laziness. Plan was to keep a small water bottle handy and make conscious effort to drink at least two bottles a day. This made a major improvement in my skin and made my eyes look brighter. I intend to increase my intake with time but for starters, two bottles a day is all it takes!

                                                     PROMISE NO 5

FOREIGN AID. How many of us take multivitamins? I don't. Problem was, they always left me with a heavy and sometimes funny feeling in my stomach. As a result, I stopped taking them after a few doses. This time around however, I stayed committed, did a detailed research and chose Selexir as my much needed foreign help. I took one dose a day in between meals and can gladly report that they proved to be worth every penny. Its a matter of personal choice when it comes to skin supplements. If you are ready to take them, there is a whole range of brands and companies to choose from. For me, it was a shot worth taking.


                                                   PROMISE NO 6

LAUGH OUT LOUD. It was easiest and at times hardest of the above mentioned promises. Come to peace with yourself and remember ACNE or NO ACNE, it should NOT be the only ticket to happiness. Furthermore, you can not always be right, you can not always be in control and you can not always make things go your way. Deal with it! Think happy thoughts.


I did myself a big favour and tried to laugh really hard on silly situations. We must not let a pimple spoil a good night out with friends. I can not emphasise this point enough that laughter and positivity are indeed natures best beautifiers.
Oh c'mon, gooooooooooooo grab a friend, watch a movie, be silly and notice the big change in your skin and feel the positivity envelop your whole being.

There you go ladies, my skin saw a change just by taking few basic steps that made my faith stronger that healthy skin really comes from deep with in. Be your own skin whisperer as no one knows it better than you do!

Do you agree with me? I really want to know pals.


  1. Great post - well written and some really good advice x

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by sweety. I am so pleased you liked it.

  2. i LOVE this post - especially the laughing tip! you're so right, the state of your skin should never affect your happiness - I've let acne get to me in the past but never again! x

    lillies and lipbalm

    1. Aw. All of us have gone through that phase at some point of our life. I am thrilled to know you enjoyed the post. Lots of hugs.

  3. Yes to all these promises! Especially the neck one. ;)

    Tara x

    1. I am the same when it comes to neck. I find myself guilty laziness and carelessness when it comes to neck. x

  4. Great post! So true about neck cream - one of the greatest tips my mum ever gave me x

  5. Great post! A skincare routine is really important :)

    Style Sunrise☀