Sugar pots, I am a collector of all things pretty specially tins and boxes so how could I not spend some moolah to make a couple of super cute STEAMCREAM tins mine? Their extensive design gallery is pure temptation for weak at heart like me. After drooling for quite a long time over the prettiness on their page I chose the loyal number, Freedom and Discipline to start my collection. It is seriously unfair to have so much beauty in one place.

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STEAMCREAM my pretties, is the range of collectible 3 in 1 moisturisers, formulated in the UK and sold in artistic tins designed in Japan. This VEGAN handmade cream is suitable for all skin types.

When I first found out about Steamcream, the name surprised me a lot as I wasn't sure what kind of collaboration was there between STEAM and CREAM.

STEAMCREAM gets its unique name from the method of its preparation. All the natural ingredients, essential oils and herbs are fused together using hot bubbling steam in such a way that the emulsion is held together loosely and thus breaks down efficiently as soon as it comes in contact with skin. The whole process makes the cream light weight and nourishing than other moisturisers because of its quick absorption into skin.


This multipurpose moisturiser contains Orange Flower Water which hydrates the skin along with Chamomile Blue and sweet Almond Oil beneficial for uneven skin tone. It has a delicate lavender smell making it an aromatic treat for tired body. The cream itself is hand made using finest of the ingredients as claimed by the folks at STEAMCREAM

Coming to the technical ingredients, it contains two Parabens, Methylparaben and Propylparaben. However, they use less than half the permitted levels to ensure that the natural skin is not disturbed and the product stays fresh as well.

Does it expire? That's one of my main concerns when I purchase handmade products. Since these Parabens are used in a very controlled manner, the cream is made to order and has a shelf life of 14 months. I think its a pretty good time for me to enjoy the product and get to know it as much as I want.


I must say so far I have used STEAMCREAM only on my face and neck as I want to keep the product going for as long as I can. The cream hydrates beautifully and leaves the skin smelling all classic. I think its the traces of lavender that do the trick. I absolutely love the reusable tin and can't wait to start my very own tin collection. The skin doesn't feel greasy and I must let you know that a little product goes a long way.

Its a matter of personal choice when it comes to Parabens. I do believe that many products that claim to be free from all sorts of preservatives are using alternative methods which still need a proper scientific back up. For me, if its cruelty free and low paraben, I am in.

The product is great, the tins are alluring and I have a weak heart!

*Shakes money box to buy more*

STEAMCREAM is available for £12.95 for 75gm on their website .


  1. I don't own any but I've heard such good things about this product!! I try to buy/use as many natural products as possible but I'm not completely paraben-free, I still want to try this. :)

    Tara x

    1. Same here. Much as I would like to go Paraben-free, I still have a number of products that contain them. Hopefully some alternative comes up soon.

      Thank u for dropping by sweety.

      D, x