This month I have cultivated a deep love for aromatherapy. I often tell my readers that I am a collector of all things pretty, and candles are one of my favourites. They make eye catching decoration pieces and lift a dull mood ever so neatly.

I am very picky when it comes to candles. I find myself gravitating towards candles which are fresh, exotic yet not too fruity. I mean, I would rather eat a pack of smarties then have my house smelling like one! There is this faint hint of spice in candles that I like to enjoy. But the tricky part is that sometimes the spice factor takes over other milder notes which become a bit too strong to make the whole experience enjoyable.  Jo Malone, Bahoma, Neals Yard and Neal & Wolf are one of my favourite brands for aromatic candles however a newbie has joined  my  list called Mimi & Me , passing all my litmus tests for a good candle.

I loved their Signature Candle which has been happily filling my room with a relaxing mood every night after a hectic day. Mimi & Me is an artisan eco-friendly brand  based in Shropshire making luxury body care products.  My candle is a fine blend of Coriander, Ylang Ylang and Cinnamon leaf and has a burning time of 50 HOURS. Do you know that Cinnamon is highly sought after in aromatherapy as it helps with irritable moods and calms all those tense nerves. These candles are made in small batches and are free from parabens and animal ingredients hence making them a luxurious gift.

I am  really pleased with my new discovery. Considering it is so reasonably priced for the kind of good stuff that goes into it, I would highly recommend it to those who want to try something which is not stacked on shelves everywhere.
You can buy this candle for £15.99.    

PS. There is a wonderful lingering fragrance once the flame has been extinguished. Do you know any tips and tricks to make your candles last longer? Would love to know all about them.

Till next time. x


  1. Sounds lovely! Great post!

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  2. Great post! That candle looks heavenly, a perfect gift! x


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  4. Your snaps are so beautiful! I love the smell of cinnamon. :)

    Tara x